Translation services
Interpreting services
Translation services
Translation adapts or rewrites text written in a source language, into another language. Translation work is very different from interpretation, which is spoken (Interpreting services). Like interpreters, translators must have excellent language skills in both the source language and the language into which they translate.
Areas of specialisation
literature – technical – financial – horology – legal – luxury
185 languages
Standard translations
Translators must be familiar with the field they work in, and know where to look for the information and the terminology required.

They must also master all the subtleties of the target language. Translators must be able to produce a text of the same quality as the source text. Our translators work exclusively into their mother tongue, from the language of the document to be translated.
Sworn translations
Brussels Traductions works with a team of translators sworn before a Court of First Instance or a Court of Appeal. With this network, Brussels Traductions can translate from and into 185 languages.
After a sworn translator has translated a document, it may need to be legalised.
Legalisation certifies the authenticity of the signature appended to a document. Depending on the intended use of the documents, this operation is conducted by various bodies. We take care of seeking the relevant services and conducting the legalisation process on your behalf.
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